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About Latos

Latos improves the performance of industries through Data Science and Machine Learning. Our solutions are integrated with companies' information systems, such as SCADA and PIMS, or directly with sensors. The information extracted from the data is presented in simple and intuitive dashboards.

Latos was founded in 2020 by two PhDs in Chemical Engineering with the dream of transforming the state of the art on digital solutions into performance for industries.

Why choose Latos?

It's not just about collecting data and training a model. We have much more to offer.

Domain knowledge

We study the industrial processes of our customers, which allows us to recognize opportunities and develop the best solution.

Focus on sensor data

Industrial data has its own characteristics, which require specific processing. Our specialty is dealing with sensor data.


More than 5 years building digital solutions for industries.

Scientific basis

We have the most advanced and we will always have it. We are constantly checking out what's new and updating our codes.

Scalable solutions

We seek to modularize our solutions and make them as scalable as possible.

Our values

Latos is based on three pillars, which we make visible through our solutions.


State of the art turned into solution.


Our solutions work better and for longer.


Clearly show how far we can go and what results we can achieve